Why Do I Need to Get My Vehicle Aligned?

Most people don’t think about vehicle alignment until it becomes a problem. Numerous mishaps can misalign a car, truck, or SUV’s wheels, and, unfortunately, some of these mishaps can be normal in the course of daily driving. One of the services offered by Great Falls Auto Repair is wheel alignment because there are good reasons why you need to get your vehicle aligned.

Wheel Alignment Benefits

You might be surprised to learn that wheel alignment helps your tires stay on the road securely. Bald tires aren’t the only thing that can cause wheels to hydroplane on wet surfaces. Your wheels should always point straight and be centered in their wells. Wheel alignment makes sure this is the case. Wheels grip the road better and maintain their grip when they’re centered properly.

When wheels are straight and centered, drivers notice smoother rides. Another benefit of properly aligned wheels is the tires last longer and you’ll get better gas mileage. That might seem as if it’s a stretch but it isn’t. Your vehicle is designed to operate efficiently and anything that reduces that efficiency, such as misaligned wheels, makes it work harder. This decreases gas mileage.

Signs Your Wheels Need Alignment

Control is another benefit of aligned wheels and the number one sign your wheels need to be aligned is your vehicle drifting to one side. As mentioned above, your vehicle is engineered and manufactured to go straight unless you turn the steering wheel. If your vehicle drifts to the right or left, it is out of alignment. If your steering wheel isn’t centered while driving straight, that’s also a sign it’s misaligned.

Your tires can also tell you that your automobile is misaligned. Provided you get your tires rotated every 6,000 to 10,000 miles, they should wear down evenly. If they don’t despite your faithfulness to the rotation schedule, they may be out of balance or your vehicle may be misaligned. Usually, an automotive technician can tell if your vehicle is out of alignment when he or she rotates the tires.

Things That Knock Wheels Out of Alignment

Finally, if you’ve hit a curb, driven too fast over speed bumps or potholes, been in an automobile accident – even a minor fender-bender – or drive on rough roads regularly, your wheels suffer the consequences. Nothing can knock a wheel out of alignment quicker than hitting a curb. The jolt pushes the wheel inward and if you hit the curb fast enough, you can also blow out your tire.

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