What Can You Do to Keep Your Car Aligned?

Your car’s alignment might be low on your car repair radar, but the truth is that the alignment affects a lot of other parts that help you control your automobile. Great Falls Auto Repair warns that driving on misaligned wheels for too long can damage your suspension and create serious handling issues. You’re also likely to be going through tires much more quickly than you should. Here are ways to keep your car aligned.

Keep an Eye on the Speedometer

When you’re going too fast all the time, it’s easy to run over an object in the road or to hit a hole that you didn’t see until the last minute. This doesn’t mean that you have to drive like your grandmother, but it does mean that you’re sticking fairly close to speed limits and paying closer attention to anything that could be an obstacle.

Watch for Bumps and Holes

This said, no matter how slow you’re going, there are still going to be bumps and holes that you run into along your travels. The big ones, like speed bumps, usually give you some warning. There’s typically a sign, too, that gives you a recommended speed for traveling safely over the bump. That’s there for a reason and getting at least within 5 mph of that recommended speed can help save your car some alignment issues.

Curbs Count, Too

Curbs are a special situation and they create some big problems for your alignment. Tapping a curb one time probably won’t send that wheel out of alignment. But if you’ve got a grudge match going with a specific curb and you hit it a bit too fast, you can knock that wheel completely out of whack very easily, especially if you head over the curb after you’ve hit it. 

Practice Proper Wheel and Tire Maintenance

When you’re taking the best care possible of your wheels and tires, you’re going to start to notice what looks right and what looks a little off. Tire wear tells you a lot about your car’s alignment, and when you start to notice uneven tire wear, it’s time to get your alignment checked. Each time your tires are replaced or rotated, ask to have them balanced. Balanced wheels are going to stay in alignment much longer.

Does your car’s alignment need checking or adjusting? Give us a call here at Great Falls Auto Repair in Great Falls, MT. We can take a look, let you know what’s going on, and get your alignment fixed if it needs it.

Photo by Sergiy1975 from Getty Images via Canva Pro