Here Are Common Signs Your Transmission Is In Trouble

Your automatic or manual transmission will not last forever. This is unfortunate but nothing mechanical lasts forever. The better you maintain it, however, the longer it will last. And if you take care of your vehicle’s transmission, you likely will not need to replace it before you buy a new car. Great Falls Auto Repair can service and repair transmissions. We can also replace them when necessary. Here are some common signs that your transmission is in trouble.

Gear Problems

A transmission that refuses to go into gear is on the road to total failure. You should have no problem putting your vehicle into drive or first gear from park or neutral. You also should not have any problems putting your vehicle into reverse. If the transmission fights you, it’s important to have the system inspected right away. Refusing to go into gear is a sign of serious transmission trouble.

Other transmission problems can be signaled by your vehicle slipping out of gear, which will make your engine rev and your automobile lose power. You might also notice that your vehicle has a delay between gear shifts, or that it skips over gears. Your vehicle should always go into gear, go through each gear in the gear cycle, and stay in gear. If it doesn’t, there’s a transmission problem.

Strange Noises

Strange noises are another sign that you have transmission problems. As your vehicle goes into gear and shifts through the cycle, you should not hear anything other than the change in the engine revolutions. If you hear clunking when you put your automobile into gear, grinding between gears, squealing while in gear, or humming noises when your vehicle is in neutral, there’s something going wrong.

Other Signs

A transmission fluid leak is also a sign of a transmission problem. If you see red or brownish fluid leaking from underneath the center of your car, it is leaking from the transmission. You should never have any burning smell coming from your transmission, nor should how your clutch feels if you drive a manual change. All of these things are signs your vehicle has a transmission problem.

There’s no need to fret. Just call Great Falls Auto Repair in Great Falls, MT, and schedule a transmission service. We will inspect your vehicle’s transmission, whether automatic or manual, and recommend any services or repairs. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll fix your vehicle so you can drive away with the confidence that your car, truck, or C/SUV is safe and reliable.

Photo by xiefei from Getty Images via Canva Pro